After years of volunteer work in countless associations for animal welfare, and many trainings in the field of self development, then works in bio field, journalism, and communication, all in the spirit of art and creativity, I am still astonished to realize all is so made of closed squares! My wish in creating this association is to unify. I’m passionate with the theory of everything, uniting ethics, science, classical and quantic physics, art, communication and spirituality: life philosophy based on love and sharing, and the sad statement that our wonderful animal world is in an pain that has no words to describe, and that this pain is echoing our history, our choices, and our unconsciousness. I am willing to develop the middle way, the one of responsibility, and Karma.


We organize some workshop gatherings, conferences in the aim of touching people, and sessions of relaxation, on line meditation (I prefer sharing my teaching in an exchange context than to encourage you watching whatever is worth nothing on Internet), and the benefits, your donations, will help rescuing animals whose path we’ll meet; we also help financially some other associations for animal welfare, including veterinary costs. You can watch their story on that page; hoping this association will be a unifying one, in this life, and… the others.


We give you the “1 euro for a donation” challenge!


A gift for just 1 euro can change everything. It’s often impossible to give to associations, but little seeds make trees grow… And ocean is made of drops…

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